Nissan Frontier Fog Light Kit [2020 Reviews]


Best Fog Light kits for your nissan frontier

Driving can be fun, but not when you are just embarking on a long journey! And if you have to drive at night, it can be dangerous too.If you own a Nissan Frontier, your mid-sized truck will, no doubt, require a fog light kit.

Not only will it make your truck stand out, but it will benefit you in a lot of ways, too!Note that fog lights will only brighten up the part of the road that is directly in front of your car. They come in a separate enclosure with different bulbs and switches.

So you can use them while turning on your headlights and not in place of them.If you want to find out more about the Nissan Frontier fog light kit and its uses, keep reading!

What are fog lights used for?

Fog light kits help in a lot of ways, and not just for clearing up the fog that obstructs your way. Before finding out about the best fog light kits for your Nissan Frontier, let’s look at some of the uses of fog lights:

Fogs resemble giant clouds that are present on the ground. Be it at night or wee hours of the morning; you are bound to be obstructed by fog. So when you are driving at these times, your fog lights will help you see clearly.The low placement of the fog lights produces light that hits underneath the ground instead of shooting straight at the fog. This makes it easier for you to steer off the fog and drive with ease!

Heavy Rain
Fog lights also provide better visuals when there is heavy rainfall while driving. Low and high beams are bound to produce glares while using during rainfall. For this reason, fog lamps are a must in order for you to see the road clearly.

Dust storm
If you are unlucky, you might also pass through a dust storm while driving. Although it is not advisable to keep driving while a dust storm occurs, you will need help to drive safely and stop for a while before the storm passes. It is at times like this that fog lights will help you maneuver your mini-truck.

Different Types of Fog Lights

You can mount your fog lights in the front of your car and even the rear. The rear fog lights will allow other vehicles to visibly see your car during natural phenomenons.Additionally, you will find that fog lights come in different types, according to the lights they use. Read below to find out more about them:

LED fog lights
Light Emitting Diodes, or LED, use lesser power and produce lesser heat. They are more efficient than other light sources, so they will last longer, too. You also have the option to tweak your LED lights so that it can shine in different colors. This procedure helps you while you face certain difficult situations.

HID fog lights
High-Intensity Discharge lights, or HID, use xenon gas, which is illuminated with the help of an electrical charge. They are very bright, lasts longer than normal halogen lights, and are also very efficiently powered.

Halogen fog lights
Most vehicles come with their own fog lights that use halogen lights. Though this means that you don’t have to shell out extra money, you will notice that they are not as bright as the other fog lights mentioned above.Remember, you can always install fog lights onto your Nissan Frontier’s external bumper or roof, or on the lower bumper or grille.

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Why choose each specific type?

Now that you have got a detailed idea of why and how to use fog lights, let’s talk about the fog light kits.

The Nissan Frontier fog light kit comes in LED as well as HID lights. You can always buy the kit as it comes or even customize it. You can mount the parts of the kit on the rear, passenger side, and even driver side. The kit will almost always come with steel or plastic bumper and bulbs- the choice is yours!

You can check out the Genuine Nissan Accessories 999F1-KV000 Fog Light for Plastic Bumper or even CPW for 2010-2017 Nissan Frontier Driving Fog Lights Pair, Wiring, and Switch Kit. 

Remember that fog lights do not pose a danger to incoming cars like the high-beam lights do. So, don’t think twice about securing fog lights for your car. Make your Nissan Frontier stand out and stay safe while driving with a peace of mind!

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