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The 3 Best Lithium jump starterS

You walk out of your home and get behind the wheel of your car to go to work. As you slip the key in the ignition and twist, nothing happens. You try a few more times, but the engine is dead, what's wrong with your car?

The chances are the battery is dead. You'll need to either jump start your car or send the battery in for servicing and recharging. Batteries can go dead for several reasons. It might have reached the end of its service life; there could be a loose connection draining the battery.

Maybe there's something's wrong with your alternator or other components of your car or motorbikes electrical system.

You Need a Lithium Jump Starter

Traditional jumpstarts are large and heavy. Lugging them around in the trunk of your car isn't an option.

Fortunately, advances in lithium technology mean that jump starters are now small and compact, with a powerful punch that springs your vehicle's motor back to life. 

Store the jumper in the trunk, and never worry about getting stuck with a dead battery again.

Choose the Lithium Jump Starter to Meet Your Needs

Carrying around a large lithium jump starter is a hassle if you drive a motorbike.

We recommend the Micro-Start XP-10 if you want a lithium jump starter for your bike. 

The compact size makes it easy to store on the bike, with a powerful, user-friendly operation that brings your engine to life every time.

Our Top Recommended Products

#1st Rated
Best Super Capacitor Jump Starter

BEATIT Portable Car Lithium Jump Starter

Super Compact & Powerful - This compact (3. 31 x 5. 7 x 0. 98 in-inch), yet powerful 800A peak portable lithium car battery jump starter pack - up to 20 jump starts on a single charge - and rated for gasoline engines up to 7. 2 liters and diesel engines up to 5. 5 liters.

Safety Protection - Beatit B10 has passed UL2743 standard certification, safe and easy to use car battery jump starter pack without the worry of incorrect connections or sparks. Safety technologies including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection and high-temperature protection.

#2nd Rated

TOPVISION Portable Car Power Pack

Upgrade QDSP Technology: With the same battery capacity, our new Quick Discharge Start Power jump starter has 3-5 times enhanced current compare to the old 2nd generation. At the same time, It could balance temperature through reducing start up temperature by disruptive innovation of battery / assembly structure to keep safe start.

Powerful Jump Starter: This compact car power pack is able to jump start 12V vehicles (up to 7L gas or 6.5L diesel engine) in seconds with 2200A peak current. The powerful lithium battery booster - up to 50 jump starts on a single charge

#3rd Rated

GOOLOO Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0

POWERFUL LIFE SAVER: This GOOLOO emergency jump starter has enough power (800A peak current) to jump start most 12 volt vehicles on the road! (up to 7.0L gas or 5.5L diesel engines) Works with cars, motorcycles, watercrafts, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, lawn mowers, yachts, boat, pickup,snowmobiles, etc. Fully charges in 5 hours and can hold a charge for more than 3 months.

QUICK-CHARGE USB PORTS: Designed with dual USB outputs (5V/2.1A, 5V 2.4A/9V 2A), the quick-charge 3.0 USB port charges your devices faster and is compatible with almost all USB charging devices – including cell phones, tablets, Kindles or digital cameras. Charging is fast and efficient – helping you save time.

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