Folding Aluminum Truck Ramps [2020 Reviews]


Folding aluminum Truck ramps - Why you need them

Loading and unloading heavy things from the back of your truck can be a tedious job. Especially when you are out of manpower! Whether it is your refrigerator, snowmobile, lawn-mower, etc., you need help!

That's when the folding aluminum ramps for trucks step in!

Yes, acquiring these ramps will make your life easier and make your work fun, too! Want to know how? Keep reading to find out!

What are the uses of folding aluminum ramps?

Aluminum truck ramps replace the traditional tailgates, giving you a maximum bed usage! The open grate aluminum construction of the ramp does not need much maintenance. And since it can fold and unfold easily and quickly, it becomes convenient for storing, too!What's more, the center runners' design helps provide the best grip for your heavy equipment, even during snowy and rainy days!

Transport your ATVs and motorcycles safely
So you're the only one who can drive in your family, and you all need to go away for the weekend. But you also want to take your motorcycle with you! How do you tackle this situation?Easy!With the help of the folding aluminum ramps, you can load your motorcycle and even ATV (if you own one!) to the back of your truck with ease and safety!

Load your heavy equipment safely
You can also use the ramps to move heavy equipment safely, too, the point to note here being 'safe.' This is because when you load heavy machinery, the chances are that you might end up damaging or even scratching them.When you use an aluminum ramp, you can easily load them into your truck and make sure that it reaches the destination safely and in one piece!

Types of folding aluminum truck ramps

Folding aluminum ramps for trucks consist of the following three foldable types:

These types of ramps are convenient for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. With two individual ramps, its set up is in such a way that it is easier to get the right space and position between the ramps. This way, it helps in holding the weight of larger vehicles.

The set up of the bi-fold ramps for trucks is narrow in comparison to dual-runner and tri-fold ramps. When this ramp is folded, it resembles that of a single-runner ramp. And when you unfold the ramp, its width is big enough to fit dirt bikes and ATVs as well.

Tri-fold ramps are a little on the heavier side because of their multiple folding segments and joints. However, it is wide enough to load larger equipment into your truck's back. It is also easy to set up and estimate the position because of its fixed-width!Accordingly, these folding ramps can be divided into the following:

Heavy-duty loading ramps
The weight capacity of heavy-duty folding ramps is over a thousand pounds. They can be used for loading and unloading tractors, machinery, and race cars.

Mobile loading ramps
Mobile loading ramps come in a two-piece design. You can assemble, dismantle, reassemble, and move these ramps very easily. With a self-support design, you can store these ramps conveniently.

Portable loading ramps
The portable folding ramps are for objects that are on the lighter side.

Why go for each specific type of folding truck ramps?

Each type of folding ramps comes with its own unique properties. Be it the tri-fold or the bi-fold ramps- you can use them according to your needs. For instance, the TX103 Silver 70-inch Aluminum Tri-Fold Ramp with 1750lb Capacity by Yutrax can accommodate heavy weight.

Similarly, if storage is one of your greatest concerns, you can rest assured that these folding ramps will ease your tension. What's more, you can also make sure that it can be used in all weather types. For this, you can check out the IBF-9550 Extra-Long Bi-Fold Truck Ramp by Black Widow.

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Now you can unload both your burden and your heavy equipment by getting hold of these aluminum ramps. Don't forget to check out the weight capacity, portability, and design of the ramps before deciding on one!

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