Best Long Handle Car Wash Brush [Reviews]


The 3 Best Best Long Handle Car Wash Brushes

Washing your car by hand can get tiring pretty quickly, especially if you happen to have a large car. One way to make your vehicle cleaning chore easier is to make use of a car wash brush to make your efforts more efficient.

There are many types of car wash brushes, and the majority of them feature soft bristles so you don’t have to worry about scratching your paint job. Keep reading to find out more about long handle car wash brushes.

Car wash brushes are a great way to clean dirt and grime from your vehicle without breaking your wrist in the process. While there are many types of car wash brushes on the market, the most useful is the long handle car wash brush.

A long handle car wash brush allows you to clean the roof of your vehicle, the undercarriage, and even those other hard to reach areas with ease. There are some long handle car brushes with swiveling heads and even some that have hose attachments so you can scrub and rinse your car all in one go.

Our Top Recommended Products

#1st Rated

Carrand Dip Brush with Slide Protector

Great for use on RVs, boats, cars, trucks, campers and around the home

48 inch long handle constructed of heavy duty metal

#2nd Rated

Camco RV Flow-Through Wash Brush with Adjustable Handle and Integrated Squeegee

Handle adjusts from 43-inches up to 71-inches long

Features a locking head so your wash head won’t spin while in use; rubber corners protect what you are washing

#3rd Rated

Carrand Dip Brush with 65" Extension Pole

10" super soft brush head

65" telescoping pole

History and advantages

Car wash brushes have been around since the early 1900’s. They can in many forms and styles typically suited to the environment in which they were used.

Modern car wash brushes with long handles have been in use nearly just as long and were often employed by workers that inside of manual car wash tunnels.

Fast forward to today and you have a long list of different long handle brushes that allow car owners and small start-up car wash locations alike to clean just about any size car with ease.

There are hundreds of long handle car wash brushes to choose from. Some have soft bristles and others have hard bristles. Some car wash brushes are even tipped in stiff foam, sponge, or braided ropes and more.

The handle variations are as numerous as the brush head options. There are different lengths, widths, and even materials. Some long handle car wash brushes feature telescopic heads, while others are extendable or retractable.

The type of long handle car wash brush you choose largely depends on the size of the car you have, and the type of finish it holds. Vintage cars and vehicles with custom paint job benefit most from a soft bristle brush or a cloth brush. Sturdy cars and off-road vehicles, on the other hand, are easier to clean with a hard bristle long handle car wash brush.

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