Best LED Headlight Conversion Kit Review


The Best LED Headlight Conversion Kit

The yellow glow from halogen lamps in your headlights is inefficient and outdated. The chances are you already upgraded all your old incandescent light bulbs in your home for LEDs, so – why not do the same for your car.

Replacing your old lights with a modern LED lighting system is an affordable and attractive way of upgrading your vehicle.

LEDs are more efficient, last longer, and provide brighter white light when compared to the halogen bulbs. All new models of vehicles come standard with LED lighting. Therefore, if you're driving an older model, upgrading the lights to LEDs will give your car a new look.

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Best LED Headlight Conversion Kit Review

Cougar Motor headlight conversion kit

The Cougar Motor headlight conversion kit has everything you need to swap out your old halogen bulbs for new and improved LEDs.

This replacement kit has plenty of positive reviews on Amazon, as well as other automotive blogs.

The Cougar kit states that the upgraded LEDs produce over 200% more light than traditional halogen bulbs.

Cougar uses premium technology to eliminate dark spots or foggy lights. Install this Cougar kit in your car, and you can expect a service life of up to 50,000-hours.

The Cougar kit fits most makes and models of cars, including Japanese, European, and American automotive manufacturers.


However, it's best if you phone the dealer to ask if the kit is compatible with your car before you checkout.

Fitting the kit to your headlights is easy, and it's possible to finish the job in less than 30-minutes. The performance from the Cougar kit is tremendous. You'll find that the LED bulbs work well in all weather conditions, providing you with superior performance to your old halogen bulbs.

Key Features of the Cougar LED Headlight Kit

-High-speed dissipation of heat away from the bulb prolongs the service life

-Up to 50,000-hours of service life
-Installed and ready to use in under 30-minutes
-Laser alignment for ideal beam pattern

Are LED Replacement Kits Legal?

Laws for LED headlights differ from state to state. However, the kit is road-legal if it provides a light beam for a minimum of 50-meters. When installing your headlights, make sure you use the laser tracking to position your headlights properly.

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