Best Harley Davidson Turn Signal Bulbs (2020)


The 3 Best Harley Davidson Turn Signal Bulbs

Owning a Harley Davidson Motorcycle is the birthright of every American. Do you enjoy getting out on the road with the wind in your hair, and your partner riding pillion?

Motorcycles are plenty of fun to ride, but a Harley is a different machine. The loud rumble of the engine and the attractive looks of the bike make any model of Harley instantly recognizable on any road around the world.  The Harley Davidson truly is the ultimate motorcycle. 

One of the best features of owning a Harley is the unlimited customizations on offer for these bikes. From tuning the engine and exhaust to adding accessories like grips and tassels, there is so much you can do to your Harley.

Start with a Lighting Kit

Replacing the lighting system is one of the most affordable and attractive upgrades you can make to your bike.

In particular, the turning signals are one of the first features you need to upgrade. Let’s look at our top three choices for the best Harley Davidson turn signal bulbs.

Our Top Recommended Products

#1st Rated
Best Harley Davidson Turn Signal Bulbs

Eagle Lights 2-inch LED Turn Signal Kit

This upgrade kit for your Harley produces a bright halo of light that surrounds the front and sides of your bike.

The turn signals function as running lights when not turning, giving your motorcycle an attractive look while improving safety and visibility on the road.

The front lights have a white-light for the running lights, with a center ring of orange turning signals that kill the running lights when you signal to turn.

The rear lights have a red halo as run lights, and the rest of the light fills in red when you apply the brakes.

There is no need for any wiring or modifications during installation, and you can finish installing the turn signals in less than 30-minutes.

#2nd Rated

NTHREEAUTO Smoked Bullet Front LED Turn Signals

If you have a black or gun-metal grey Harley, then you need a set of LED turn signal bulbs that match the color scheme of your hog.


This kit is compatible with Street Glide, Harley Dyna, Softail, Fat Boy, and Road King models. The Smoked lens covers to blend into the theme of your bike, providing a clean look to your Harley.

#3rd Rated

ZYTC Smoked Harley Turn Signal Lens Lense Kit

Kit includes:4 Smoke Turn Signal Lens,2 Single Filament Bulbs & 2 Double Filament Bulbs

Lens Color: Smoke

Bulbs color:Amber

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