Best Grease Gun Coupler (2020 Reviews)


The 3 Best Best Grease Gun CouplerS

With a grease gun coupler, you can lubricate your fittings with ease. There’s no need to hold the gun while pumping, allowing you to use both hands when working.

The grease gun coupler features a set of jaws that attach to the grease fittings, allowing you to seal and lock the connection.

A grease gun is a handy tool for lubricating hard-to-reach fittings. The grease gun coupler keeps your workspace and job site clean, and they’re available in various models to suit any grease gun or operating conditions.

Our Top Recommended Products

#1st Rated
best grease gun coupler

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

Locks on, does not leak

1/8" NPT compatible with all grease guns - battery, pneumatic, manual

Grease goes in, not on, the machine

World's original locking grease coupler.

#2nd Rated

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler XL

Rated to 10,000 PSI! Locks on, stays on. Does not leak once locked on.

Hands free - does not pop off under pressure.

Easily release from fittings with the thumb lever, even at extreme pressure.

Fits all standard Grease Guns - 1/8 NPT fitting. Fits all SAE and Metric Zerk fittings. Simply replace your existing coupler.

#3rd Rated

AZUNO Grease Gun Coupler

Reinforced jaws and quality sealing gasket ensure long lasting and stable performance, prevent leakage even at 12,000 PSI extreme pressure.

Built with premium quality Zinc Coated Alloy Steelfor for all-day performance in the shop or garage, heavier and stronger than any other grease couplers on the market.

What Applications Suit the Use of a Grease Gun?

Grease guns are a necessity of any business or workshop that utilizes machinery. Machines need lubrication to prolong service life; if you let them run dry, you can expect mechanical breakdowns to occur.

What Types of Grease Guns are Available?

There are different models of grease guns for specific applications. You get lever grease guns, pistol grip, and handgrip types, as well as pneumatic and battery-powered models

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Grease Gun Coupler?

•How will you load the grease gun?

•How much lubricant do you need to use?

•Where is the job site?

•Why kind of grease gun do you have?

These factors all play a role in determining the type of grease gun coupler you need.

What Do I Need to Know When Purchasing the Best Grease Gun Coupler?

There are a few factors you need to consider when purchasing your grease gun coupler.

Size of the Threads – Look for a grease coupler that has a 1/8″ NPT thread to connect to your grease gun. This size is standard for most electric, pneumatic, and manual tools.

Versatility – Purchase a grease gun coupler that works on all types of fittings, such as SAE and metric. The universal fitment is vital to ensure you get the correct coupler for your grease gun.

Pressure Rating – Check the pressure rating on your grease gun. If the operating pressure 
is under 10,000 psi, then most couplers will work under these operating conditions.

Seals – Look for three to four seals on your coupler, the more, the better. High-pressure systems will require at least three seals to prevent leaks.

Barrel Diameter – Choose a slimline barrel to help you get into tight spaces without any hassle.

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