Best Automotive Short Circuit Finder [Reviews]


The 3 Best Automotive Short Circuit Finder

There are plenty of things that can go wrong on a car, the brakes can fail, you can run out of oil, or you can even get a flat tire. While most car problems are easy to identify, there are a few that are harder to diagnose.

A short circuit in your car can lead to a wide range of complications ranging from a tail light that doesn’t work to an engine that won’t start. Identifying the source of a short circuit is also equally difficult.

Thankfully, there are automotive tools available to help diagnose car problems and identify the location of the fault. An automotive short circuit finder is one of those tools that are essential to mechanics and car enthusiasts everywhere.

You can use an automotive short circuit finder to locate the source of the damaged circuit without damaging the surrounding parts. Depending on the location of the fault, this can mean you save money my not damaging the insulation or body of the vehicle.

Our Top Recommended Products

#1st Rated

KZYEE Automotive Circuit Tester

Enables to accurately diagnose the DC Voltage, AC Voltage,

Resistance and Diode of the 12v-24v electrical systems by merely pressing the mode button.

Having the ability to power up the components, such as cooling fans, starters, relays, windows, washers and so on. Powered by the car battery or cigarette lighter, no additional battery or wires pulling needed.

#2nd Rated

POWER PROBE IV Master Combo Kit

Power up components

Dvom functions

Fuel injector testing

#3rd Rated

General Technologies Short and Open Circuit Finder and Tracer

42V ready for use in new generation vehicles with mixed or single 42 volt systems and operates on DC voltages from 6 to 42 volts

Internally protected against power surges and overloads and has an 8 inches flexible probe for hard to reach or congested places with auto polarity on transmitter with 5 amps leads and alligator clips

What Types of Automotive Short Circuit Finders Are Available?

There are a few different types of automotive short circuit finders to choose from. For the home mechanic or hobby mechanic, a smaller handheld unit is an affordable option.

These smaller units often run on batteries or can be recharged via a USB cable.

For commercial mechanics or larger garages, a more robust automotive short circuit finder is a better choice. Not only is this type more sensitive, but it also is geared to work with a larger range and variety of vehicles.

The type of automotive short circuit finder a person chooses to buy depends a lot on how they will use it. Commercial mechanics, truck drivers, and even independent mechanics will benefit most from the larger more highly calibrated units.

This will allow for a more calculated approach to vehicle care while also cutting down on the time it takes to diagnose a problem. Smaller models are more affordable, easy to store, and perfect for a regular car owner. This will help to identify where the short circuit is in the car within a few minutes.

Not only will this help save money by avoiding a costly trip to the mechanic, but will also save time by allowing for diagnosis at home.

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