best aftermarket headlights

3 Best Aftermarket Motorcycle Headlights (2020)


The 3 Best Aftermarket Motorcycle Headlights

Poor visibility plays a significant role in motorcycle accidents. However, poor visibility is a broad term, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are low-light conditions or fog. Poor visibility can also refer to the strength of your headlights, making it challenging for drivers to see you on the road.

Bikes move quicker than cars in traffic and on the roads. Some drivers might not see you on your approach until the last second. As a result, they might turn into your lane, knocking you off your bike.

Replacing your stock headlight with an upgraded LED headlight conversion kit is the best way to improve your visibility on the road

Our Top Recommended Products

#1st Rated
best aftermarket headlights

Wisamic 7-inch and 5.75-inch LED Headlight

 Featuring 2,800-lumens in low beam, and 4,000-lumens on high beam mode.

The light has a color temperature of 6,500K for a clean, bright, white light for your bike.

#2nd Rated

SunPie 4-inch and 5.75-inch LED Headlight

Featuring low beams of 2,800-lumens, and high beams of 4,000 lumens, this light is bright and adjustable.

You get a 6,000K color temperature for bright, white light.

#3rd Rated

AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly kit

Sparkling Illumination: New lens and reflector provide superior lighting and ensure a pleasurable and comfortable driving experience.

Created to be a perfect replacement for your factory-installed headlight to save up your time and effort.

Tips for Selecting the Best Aftermarket Motorcycle Headlights

Before you start your search for a replacement headlight for your bike, you need to understand what kind of light you need. However, there are different headlights for different models of bikes, so make sure you choose one that fits your housing. There are three types of lights available.

Reflector headlight – This headlight features a tungsten filament bulb. These lights are inefficient and ineffective, and you’ll find the​​​​m on old models of bikes. If you have this type of light, it’s time to replace it with a new aftermarket LED kit.

Projector headlights – This modern-style headlight uses LEDs and a magnifying glass in front of the light that spreads the beam wide.

They’re a good choice for side-lighting on your bike. The lights are typically adjustable, allowing you to position them to your needs. They’re also a popular choice for touring bikes, acting as running lights for low-light conditions.

LED headlights – Advances in LED technology reached new levels of efficiency and efficacy over the last 10-years. Todays LEDs are strong enough to provide enough light to power the headlight on your bike.

LEDs are efficient and bright, with the best headlights pushing out 2,500-lumens in the low setting, and 4,000 in the high setting. Many of them some with settings that allow you to change the lighting angle to suit your field of vision.

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