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Best AFM Disabler [Reviews]


The 3 Best Best AFM Disablers

Some cars run much better when the Active Fuel Management system is disabled. Cars or trucks that have a V6 or a V8 engine are typically sold with a fuel management system that keeps them from using all cylinders at once.

While this may help you save on gas, it can also limit the true performance of your engine. Since there are fewer cycle changes, you will also end up with fewer repairs.

An AFM Disabler is used to allow an engine to operate on full cylinder mode every time it runs. The AFM disabler stops the Active Fuel Management system in your vehicle from dropping any cylinders from its rotation cycle. In most cases, in addition to installing an AFM, a mechanic will also need to reprogram the factory ECU. 

Some people think that installing an AFM disabler will save them money by avoiding the replacement of valve lifters, but this is not the case. The unit is often more costly than valve lifter replacement.

Our Top Recommended Products

#1st Rated

Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device

Keep your vehicle in V8 mode! Disable 4 cylinder mode on all GM Active Fuel Management Vehicles.

Installs in seconds! Plugs into diagnostic port with no tools needed.

#2nd Rated

Active Fuel Management Disable Device

Easy installtion can be completed in just a few seconds

The factory ECU is not reprogrammed. There are no traces.

#3rd Rated

Active Fuel Management Disable Kit

Engine runs on 8 cylinders continuously!

Programming of computer is required afterwards

What Are Some Types of AFM Disablers Available?

The AFM Disabler was created to help some cars run more efficiently, and for their engines to perform without limitation. Certain models such as cars with a V6 or a V* engine may work less than efficiently due to the automatic regulation of fuel in the engine. This can cause jerking, poor oil usage, and other concerns if the car is driven over a certain speed.

There are several different brands of AFM Disablers, but they are all essentially the same. They can be installed on most makes and models of cars or trucks.

They are most effective on engines that use a V6 or a V8 engine block. Regardless of brand, the unit will ensure that your engine is running on full power the entire time your engine is running.

Being that there is only one type of AFM Disabler, there is no benefit of choosing one brand over the other. Some brands that offer AFM Disablers may only be available in certain locations while bigger named brands offer AFM Disablers nationwide.

Choosing a qualified mechanic to install your unit is critical. It will help reduce engine shake during cycle changes and in many cases increase fuel efficiency during your long-distance drives.

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